Thursday, March 26, 2015

Roses Love Tomatoes and other chemical free tips

As part of my chemical free garden plan I'm putting tomatoes in with my roses. I've heard it helps control black spot. What are your favourite companion plantings? Are you trying a new pairing this year? What methods do you employ for chemical free gardening?

The magazine Birds and Blooms has a good article this month on keeping the garden chemical free.  After all pesticides, fungicides and herbicides don’t just kill pests and weeds—they also kill helpful birds and insects and pollute the runoff water that flows into our water systems.

The article covers three techniques for gardening successfully without chemicals: Nurturing healthy plants, inviting good bugs to be your allies and using natural pest solutions. They also have a handy list of plants attractive to beneficial insects.            

Thymus serpyllum Creeping Thyme

Creeping thyme                                                                       

For the complete list and to read the full article go to:


  1. I read somewhere recently about planting chives with carrots. The chive smell confuses the carrot rust fly and also enhances the taste of the carrots. I've planted some chives at one end of the carrot patch so I'll be able to do a taste test. Thanks for the link to the Birds and Blooms article. Will have to look at it.


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