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Bulletin One
November - Introduction to Spotted Wing Drosophila, Autumn cleanup

Bulletin Two
November - Susceptible fruit, blackberries patches and big trees

Bulletin Three
January - Tree care for the winter-Oversize cherry and plum trees

Bulletin 4
- March - Blackberries and SWD traps

Bulletin 5
Neglected Trees

Bulletin 6
Anticipate, plan and don't get caught off guard

 Bulletin 7
Rhagoletis: Western Cherry Fruit Fly etc

Bulletin 8
Three challenges

Bulletin 9
Cherries-reports July 2014

Bulletin 10
Reported sightings July 2014

Bulletin 11

Bulletin 12
Summer 14 summary

Bulletin 13
Apple Maggot

Spotted Wing Drosophila

Spotted Wing Drosophila

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