Friday, January 9, 2015

Heating It Up In Small Spaces

The cool weather is refreshing but what is it doing, or not doing, to our compost? If you are looking for ways to heat things up in the compost pile, or are challenged for composting space, you will not want to miss our next meeting.

On Tues Jan 27th, Ron Berezan, the Urban Farmer, will be speaking about-

The Real “Black Gold" - Growing Soil Fertility in Small Spaces!
When dealing with urban yards or smaller rural properties, we may have limited space to devote to creating our own soil amendments. Fear not! From intensive hot compost piles to EM, from vermi-composting to biochar, there is plenty we can do to generate incredibly vibrant, fertile living soils wherever we live. Come and find out how!

Ron was the instructor at a make your own biochar workshop I recently attended. It was fascinating. I think you will really enjoy his presentation.

Did you know Ron also leads educational tours to Cuba? Check it all out at


  1. Could someone please explain the process of fermi-composting?? I have never heard of this. Thank You

    1. Hi Ron - I think it was a spelling mistake and should read vermi-composting (worm composting).

    2. I've fixed it, thanks Ron and Sharon


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