Sunday, January 25, 2015

Garden Sheds in the Pacific Northwest

In the January/February issue of the BC Council of Garden Clubs' Bulletin we have inspirational photos by Jennifer Lamb.

 Jennifer writes:

I won’t give space to a potting bench or greenhouse in my small dense Vancouver flower garden. But I admire the order, ingenuity and whimsy of how others incorporate or even celebrate the realities of storing pots, tools and supplies in the working areas of private gardens. I have toured throughout the Pacific Northwest collecting images. My photos capture:

• the space-saving functionality of a small outdoor fold-down shelf;

• the charm of a chandeliered sunroom with a decorative hutch for displaying pots;

• the practicality of a counter with a built-in soil sieve;

• the generosity of an upholstered platform for pet companions;

• the order of purpose-built tool storage.

Do you have ideas that you've incorporated into your own garden shed?

All photos by Jennifer Lamb and appear in the BC Council of Garden Clubs Bulletin.

Do you have an interesting shed? Innovative use of space, clever ideas, interesting materials? Let us know-we might be out to take a picture. Remember to organise a few pots for our plant sale.

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