Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Birthday to Us

Yes, it's true-we are officially 50 years old.
There have been previous garden clubs in Powell River but the one we now enjoy began fifty years ago. If you were an original member, or know an original member or have photographs from the sixties, seventies and up through the decades please, please, please find me at the next meetings in November or January so I  can arrange to talk to you.

Lin Morrison is putting together a small committee to plan a celebration or recognition of this milestone. What shall we do? If you have some ideas please talk to Lin, email the club or put a note in the suggestion box at the meetings.

I've been looking at other clubs across Canada, and the world, to see what they have done to recognize significant milestones. There are the usual dinners or luncheons, one club chose a golden flowered plant as an emblem and asked all members to have some in their gardens. Some chose to do something in the winter when members were less busy. One club created a golden trowel award which went to businesses in town using plants to pretty up their buildings or storefronts. Knowing our club I'm certain we can up with something fun.

Speaking of fun, our next meeting is our last before Christmas. Everyone is asked to bring a small plate of nibblies to share although if life gets in the way just bring yourself!

Golden Celebration
From the David Austin English Rose collection. Its color is rich golden yellow and the flowers are in the form of a giant, full-petalled cup. It has excellent shapely growth, forming a nicely rounded, slightly arching shrub with ample foliage. It is very reliable and easy to grow. Repeat blooming and strong scent. The flowers are initially tea-scented but often develop a wonderful combination of sauterne wine and strawberry.  4.5 ft. x 4.5 ft. (8-10 ft. as climber)

Jubilee Celebration

Another David Austin rose. Its large, domed flowers are of a lovely rich salmon-pink with tints of gold on the underside of the petals; each bloom being elegantly held well above the foliage. The growth is vigorous; building up into a fine shrub. It is very healthy. There is a deliciously fruity rose scent with hints of fresh lemon and raspberry. Strong scent. Repeat bloomer. 4 x 4ft


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