Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gardener's Spring Planting Calendar April 6th

Offered with compliments of Master Gardeners Association of BC

April 6th
2 Weeks Before Last Frost

*     Sow:
  • Veggies:  eggplant, more peppers, and the last of the tomatoes if you have a spot that stays warm and bright in autumn
  • Thin your flats again. 
  • Pot up tomatoes and peppers
*     Begin to transplant the hardened-off seedlings, and uncover young plants now they are larger.  If you are unsure, or it is a cool week, just begin to harden off the squash and annuals.  Some of your radish and early lettuce will be used, so try parsnips, turnips, and beets in the bare spots, or reseed your salad greens.
*     Direct seed carrots, endive, storage onions, scallions, turnips.
*     Direct seeding zinnias, cosmos, marigolds is worth a try now as are sunflowers, poppies, and summer bulbs.
*     Watch the weather!  Keep old sheets or commercial row cover handy so you can protect a bed if a late frost threatens.
*     Direct seed more mesclun greens (arugula, corn salad, cress, etc.), kale, collard, more radish and spinach. 


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