Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wireworm Trap

At our meeting last week, Joan told us about a wireworm trap developed in PEI. This device, called Noronha Elaterid Light Trap (NELT) traps the click beetles. It is the click beetles' larvae that are the wireworms.

This trap won't solve your current wireworm problem but will control the number of new wireworms introduced into your garden.

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The cup is dug into the soil, so that the lip is level with the ground, and the spotlight, powered by a photo-cell, shines into it. This attracts the source of the wireworms, female click beetles, that emerge from the ground in May and June. Each of the beetles can lay 100 to 200 eggs that produce the destructive wireworm larvae.  

"They come towards the light. And as they come toward the light they fall into this trap," Christine Noronha said. The beetles drown in a few centimetres of water and a few drops of dish soap in the cup. 

For more information see the article.

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