Monday, November 21, 2016

A Creative Use of Hardware

Have you noticed the coral pink house on Marine Ave by Jasper Street? This year there was work being done in the front garden. Owners Shaunalee and Brian Yates invited our roving reporter in for a tour.

It is always interesting to see the bare bones of a garden.  This one features  a creative use of hardware.

The front yard is all raised beds in odd shapes, wisteria and a hedge will provide privacy from Marine Ave. in time.

Ceramics brighten up the space on a dull day. A rose lingers to contrast against the coral of the house.

Thank you for an inspiring tour Shaunalee and Brian.


  1. Interesting! I'll have to take a walk down there and have a look.

    1. I'll have to stop on my way in or out of town and have a proper look.

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