Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Few Good Men and Women

A few good men and women needed to walk in the Parade with the Garden Club entry.
When: this Saturday at 9:45 am
Gathering point: Barnet Street opposite the Police Station

Route: walk along Joyce to Alberni or Marine at Alberni to Duncan or part of each stretch
Please gather at the starting point so Lin can sort you out with your area. We think it is going to be sunny so dress appropriately and hydrate. Wear comfortable walking shoes. It would be really nice if some of our younger members could walk with us. Bring your little garden helpers and do a portion of the route.
The 7yr old who walked last year was shy for about 2 seconds and then loved it. He dropped out at Alberni and his Mom ran him down the hill to watch the whole parade and get his candy.
Get creative-decorate a hat, wear a Hawaiian shirt, carry a seaside bucket of flowers-our theme is gardening by the sea. New members encouraged to join in; it is an easy and friendly way to get to know other members.
Don't be shy, it is a lot of fun.

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