Thursday, April 7, 2016

Our Plant Sale

Have you started some plants for our garden sale on May 1st?

We need lots of plants for our club table. This is our only fund raiser of the year and we rely on it to cover the rent of the hall, pay guest speakers, give an annual scholarship, cover banking and admin fees, rent tables at community events and provide tea and coffee at our meetings. Our club is thriving and well managed but we can't do it without this annual influx of funds.

Laura will be giving all the details of volunteer needs and drop off times etc at our next meeting. 

Meanwhile think about making your seedlings super sellable. Veggies are always popular but think about pollinator attractive plants too. Add a label to your pot with the name of the plant. Make it a big label and get creative with the description:

"Delicious sauteed with garlic and butter"
"Attracts bees and butterflies"
"Long lasting Fall colour"
"Companion plant with ??? to reduce pests"
"Fills the garden with a pleasant scent"

Or some history if your seeds have been handed down in your family or are from a well known garden.

Don't forget planting info like shade, sun and water requirements.

Not only will your efforts promote interest in the plants but it will help the folks who run the club table and get inundated with questions.

This week if you haven't done so already get some seeds started for garden club and if you are thinning out established plants pop some in a pot for us.

Thank you

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