Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gardening Is Hard Work

At this time of year we can't help but want to get everything in the garden done. A few of us might even overdo it. Here are a few tips:


Set attainable goals.
If you are feeling sore by Saturday afternoon rethink your work load for Sunday regardless of how anxious you are to complete all the jobs. A less strenuous day will have you on top of things again by day three.

Take breaks.
Every hour, give yourself 5 minutes to stretch, sit down, and drink to replenish the fluids lost from your exertion.

Avoid bending and reaching.
These put a strain on your lower back so try to get as close to your work as possible.

Cushion your knees.
A square of high density foam in a plastic bag will work although store bought knee pads and mats are nice.

Switch often.

Avoid repetitive-motion injuries by dividing up each task into sections that allow you to switch activities and posture regularly. Alternate your lead foot or shoulder when digging.

Warm up before you garden with a 10-minute walk.

I think when we have collected are tools and generally got ourselves set up we have done this but if not make sure you stretch and dance around until your heart rate goes up slightly. It will entertain the neighbours if nothing else.

Keep your feet flat on the ground.
This is very important when squatting-raised heels puts a severe strain on your knees.

Take some time off.
Find a chair, sit and admire your work. Plan to attend one of the numerous events listed on the side of this page. Learning and sharing your passion are important social and psychological elements of gardening.

Above information from Prevention magazine and

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2 ½ cups Epsom salt
½ cup olive oil
¾ cup body wash
1 peppermint tea bag
1 chamomile tea bag
10 drops essential oils 
Recipe Directions: Place tea bag contents in a small bowl and set aside. To a medium size bowl add Epsom salt and tea leaves and mix thoroughly. Once done add body wash and mix until it has been combined. Slowly stir in olive oil and essential oils; mix the oils until they have been mixed in. Once done store soak in air tight container. Add a handful to your bath under running water, add more if you like a lot of bubbles.


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