Thursday, March 24, 2016

Effective Microorganisms Liquid Amender

Last week at the meeting, Tracey of i-DIG talked about EM liquid amender and had samples for everyone.
She has an important message about the samples we received. You may have to check your bottle and follow the instructions:

In our rush trying to ensure all the members waiting received a bottle of EM® liquid biological soil amender, I over-looked two items…
1.    Many bottles were accidentally topped off with too much water. Fortunately the bottles are not air tight so while the bacteria were doing their thing overnight the bottles were still able to off gas – for such a short period of time, no harm done.
2.    The bottle caps are not air tight.
We do need to rectify these errors however, so everyone’s EM turns great; please see below. 

What members need to do [much simpler than it looks]
1.    Your bottle should only be filled within +/- 1.5” from the bottom of the bottle cap.

  •  If your bottle was filled higher please pour out enough of the E.M. liquid so there is approx 1.5” of air space.
  • **Do not waste the excess EM liquid. Pour into a full size watering can, fill the watering can with unchlorinated water [preferably] and…
  •  inoculate a finished compost pile with it , spread the love around ;)

2.    Also you want your bottle to be air tight; this is important. Just like making fine wine, you do not want airborne contaminates getting in and mucking with it. Either…

  •  Put some Saran Wrap into the top of the cap so it’s airtight    - or  -  switch the cap with one from a different water/pop bottle [easiest]
  • Squeeze the bottle so the liquid is almost spilling out [a.k.a remove the air]
  • Put your cap on.
 There's more instructions and the pH chart below.

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