Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Around Town

A small sample of activities featuring some of our members.

Despite inclement weather some plucky folk planted rhododendrons in Millennium Park.

I wonder if the group above can relate to the following: 

"Joseph Rock, an Austrian-American carried out his plant-hunting in Yunnan between 1922 and 1949. Undaunted by bandits roaming the hills, winter blizzards, landslides and the effects of altitude, Rock would set off from his base in Lijiang, assisted by .... nomadic Tibetan escorts. He collected sacks of seeds and roots to ship back to his patrons and is reputed to have brought back nearly 500 species of rhododendron from a single expedition."  Susan Griffiths in The Independent


The bulbs planted at the Evergreen Extended Care Unit have sprung forth from the soil and make a cheerful scene for the residents. If you visit someone at the ECU take them out to the garden to hunt for crocuses.

Many of our members will be at Seedy Saturday, on March 12 at the Recreation Complex, selling and sharing seeds. Others will be presenting workshops. Garden Club has a table so drop by to say hello.

Did you know the first Seedy Saturday event was held at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in Spring 1990. It was organized by Sharon Rempel who was then working at the Keremeos Grist Mill museum and garden. The Grist Mill has a beautiful heritage garden and it is well worth a visit. Seedy Saturday events are now held all over the world.


  1. what a wonderful job you and other members of the Garden Club do. Happy gardening!

    1. Thank you. IMHO gardeners are the salt of the earth.


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