Monday, February 1, 2016

Things to do in the garden right now

Just like sap rising , the desire to start working in our gardens is surging through our veins. Here are some useful links for prep and planting advice.

Congratulations to our local store, Mother Nature, who have started a monthly series of To Do lists on their blog. You can't beat local knowledge.

Mother Nature To Do lists Link

Northwest Edible Life (I highly recommend this site)


Link to free printables for each month

Mother Earth News

Good article on prepping garden beds-Link

Waking up the garden to a new growing season is about more than soil and seedlings...
useful guide for good yard maintenance Link

Rodale Organic Life
Monthly garden calender for PNW Link
West Coast Seeds

A favourite of many local gardeners Link


  1. I have one to add too......sit in my garden and visualize where I'm going to plant the beans and the peas and the lettuce and the tomatoes.....and dream.......

    1. This time of year is wonderful for dreaming.

  2. Thanks, Susan, for all the great info.

    1. You are welcome. I learn a lot while doing the research.

  3. Thanks. These are good sites to look at while trying to avoid doing too much,too early in the season, outside!

    1. I liked the Eartheasy site as it included checking and repairing ditches and fences-a good reminder to have that kind of thing on a schedule.


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