Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Seasons of Giving

Christmas is a popular time for the giving of gifts and supporting causes. Many of our members volunteer their time year round, sharing their skills in the community. Here are two projects benefiting from our members' gardening knowledge.

Lang Creek Salmon Garden

Lang Creek “Salmon Garden” is getting a makeover. The garden, with ornamental grasses and metal salmon sculptures, is at the entrance to the Lang Creek facility. The metal fish have been removed and rebuilding has started. Club member Dave has provided some preliminary machine work moving soil and rocks. Ewan MacKenzie of Exemplar Horticulture (our October speaker) will be donating the grasses. An assortment of larger, more mature ornamental grasses will be planted in February 2016, irrigation will be installed, wheelchair access developed and the fish sculpture returned.

If anyone is interested in donating to the project or volunteering for a work party, send an email to powellrivergardenclub@gmail.com and we will pass your message on to the Steering Committee

Evergreen Extended Care

Residents from Evergreen have formed a garden club with help from our Garden Club members. A major clean up of the courtyard area was done earlier in the Fall. A hundred tulip bulbs were planted, donated by Walmart and Springtime Garden Centre. Colder weather has meant indoor activities. This week pine cones were stuffed with suet and rolled in seeds. After tea and cookies the volunteers hung the pine cones on a tree directly in front of the sitting area window.

As all the volunteers are height challenged some creative methods were used in the placement of the cones.
Gwen had the brilliant idea of creating "nunchuks" and throwing them over the branches
If you are involved in garden related volunteering please email us the information. We would be happy to feature you on the blog and our facebook page.

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