Sunday, November 15, 2015

Christmas Comes to Garden Club

Our garden club has its last meeting of the year at the end of November. The timing makes it a perfect kick off for the Christmas season. The schedule for Nov 24th combines our routine of reports and news, guest presenters and a Christmas Social. Here are a few details:

As part of the social we ask people to bring an appetizer to share. Last year two long tables were groaning under the weight of colourful and tasty treats. It was all appreciated as evidenced by the scant leftovers. A little note about nuts, gluten free or seafood is always helpful. There is an oven in the kitchen plus two microwaves if warming is needed.
Prior to the social we have our normal announcements. Once announcements are over we will be divided into three groups. Each group will get to enjoy a demonstration on wreath making or creating a winter centrepiece. You may have to take your chair with you into another area of the Seniors Centre to give everyone a comfortable amount of room.

Then it will be time to eat, drink (punch) and be merry.

Because of the increased set up requirements please help as much as you can with clean up at the end of the meeting.
While you are making your plans to attend consider bringing a donation for the less fortunate amongst us. Each year, at our November meeting, the Garden Club supports the Christmas Cheer Hamper fund. We will be accepting non perishable food items and unwrapped new toys which can be placed in the large boxes inside the door. We are also holding a raffle for members only and all proceeds of this will be donated to the Christmas Cheer hamper fund. If cash donations are made, they should be in individual envelopes, clearly marked and given to our Treasurer or dropped off at the Collection point, in the old Sears location next to the Royal bank.

The raffle will consist of the basket on display at the last meeting plus two more, packed with gardening themed goodies. In addition the wreath and centrepieces made by our presenters will be up for grabs.

Thank you to Pinterest for the ideas pictured in this post.


  1. loved your pictures, so simple and effective. thanks for a wonderful blog. Happy holidays
    L.A. in Powell River

    1. I know our presenters will show us how to make some beautiful arrangements. For those of us who lack time or skill I thought I'd inspire with something quick and easy.


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