Saturday, June 13, 2015

Flowers Needed

A note from our President:

We as a club responded to a request from the Prisma organizers to provide flowers for the stage at the big free concert on the 17th, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the freedom of the Netherlands, liberated by Canadian forces. This concert is called  Celebration of the Senses and what would that be without flowers?!

We are planning on making 4 large containers to place in front of the 4 pillars. As most of our gardens are transitioning from Spring to Summer, there may be a dearth of tall blooming flowers next week, so we are suggesting that if you have  interesting foliage  or flowering shrubbery and are willing to give them a prune , that would be most welcome too. Drop off 1pm June 17 at Terry's house. 
If you would also like to stay and help make these arrangements, and/or deliver them to the stage, we can also use that help. Bring clippers. We have the pots and are making ribbons for them.
Help us make this an outstanding tribute from our club.

A note from the Editor:

At our executive meeting we talked about putting out pots (orange pot/orange flowers/ orange ribbon on pot) in our own front gardens too. I mentioned this to a friend, turns out she knows maestro Arthur Arnold, she told him and he is thrilled by the idea. In fact I've already received an email from him thanking garden club for our contribution to the event. I should know news travels fast in PR! If anyone would like to do this please go ahead. 

Having said this save your biggest and best cut flowers for our containers going on stage.

Did you know a naval frigate is going to be offshore  and sounding off its big guns during the performance? If you are planning to attend, Prisma is encouraging people to wear orange.

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  1. if you need directions to drop off flowers: 7072 Kamloops St, close to Westview 1pm on Wednesday June 17th.

    The event itself will take place at Willingdon Beach Bandstand at 5pm.



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