Saturday, May 16, 2015

SWD! and Float News

Fruit Fly Active Already

Margaret reports that already, using a sticky trap, she has caught numerous SWD (Spotted-Wing Drosophila Fruit Fly) around a compost bucket outside her kitchen door.
 There they were, sucking away at a canteloupe rind and no doubt depositing eggs.  She says that she should have known better than to have it there, but she did not expect them to be showing up as early as May 10.  Tracy the entomologist agrees that they are early and that this may be a ‘high pressure year’.  So use good garden hygiene and don’t leave fruit scraps around in compost buckets or compost piles.

And Margaret says that she has just realized another advantage of using the bokashi method for composting - does not attract SWD.

The excellent bulletins Mgt wrote for the public are available under the Fruit Fly tab on this blog.

Float News

On a more cheerful note a group from the Club are working hard on our float for the Sea Fair Parade. If you think paper mache sounds like fun then join in a working party on 
Sunday May 24th anytime in the afternoon after 1pm in Lund.
Exact location email
Its Shellfish Festival time in Lund, so plan a stop there for lunch. Helpers will be visiting a fantastic hidden gem later in the afternoon; David Smith's gardens carved out on 2 acres of hillside. They are filled with Rhodo's in bloom, hostas and many more plants. Its a beautiful experience.

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