Thursday, February 12, 2015

Garden Tour In Jeopardy

The organizers of the Powell River Annual Garden Tour have told us it is in danger of being cancelled this year. Only one garden has been offered.

Would you be willing to open your garden for one day in June?

Your garden does not have to be perfect.
It does not have to be big.

Volunteers will be at your garden on the day to facilitate the tour. It is a wonderfully sociable day although you can interact as much or as little as you want. Money raised goes to the Botanic Garden Society, a student bursary and to support local gardening ventures.

Just one area can be of interest.

Some ideas of things you might be able to share:
First year garden
Low maintenance
Pond and or water features
Watering system
Overcoming problems-shade, water retention, soil conditions, exposure
Interesting structures
Wildflower garden
Plant collection
Pushing zone boundaries
Planting for pollinators and or wildlife
Fencing and netting
Sunken garden
Planting for fragrance
and so on.....

We will need people to step up soon. For more information email


  1. I would love to, but no one would be able to get to my garden up the lake. I do hope you get enough volunteers to continue. It is such a wonderful resource for our community. - Margy

    1. It would be an amazing place to visit. Out of interest how many people could you fit at one time on your deck and floating garden?

    2. Not really sure. We had a book open house with about twenty people there at one time. We don't have seating for that many however. On the float garden itself, probably the most that would be comfortable at one time would be six. It has a narrow walkway in the middle between the beds. The big problem would be how people could get up the lake to visit. If we were hosting, we couldn't provide transportation. - Margy


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