Thursday, September 11, 2014

First Meeting Of The Season

Doubtless everyone is still busy in the garden but Fall is approaching and that means our monthly fix of learning, chatting and swapping. 

The speaker for our first meeting is Doreen Bonin from Texada Island.

Doreen will be speaking about the healing benefits of aromatic herbs. Most of the medieval gardens and the first botanical gardens were largely herb gardens containing plants used for medicinal purposes or for savouring food. Today the term herb garden is usually used to denote a garden of herbs for cooking, and the medicinal aspect is rarely considered.

Doreen is a reiki and reflexology practitioner, works with herbs and flower remedies and loves to teach people how to harvest herbs and prepare their own healing teas vinegars and tinctures. She has been practicing alternative medicine for most of her adult life. 

people's apothecary-Victoria BC

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tues September 23. Doors open 6:45pm and the programme begins at 7:15pm.

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