Monday, August 25, 2014

Storing Root Vegetables In The Ground

Have any of you left vegetables in the ground through the winter? How well did it work? What varieties work best?

Here are some tips I picked up from  Organic Gardening and The Royal Horticultural Society.


Storing in the ground works best in well drained soil

Before hard frosts begin, hoe soil over beets, carrots, and other root crops to protect any exposed shoulders, but keep the green leaves uncovered to let the plants continue to grow and sweeten.

For the best flavor, let plants grow for as long as possible. During colder Fall nights they will produce more sugar. This improves taste and enables them to tolerate freezing conditions for short periods. 

Bury the plants with leaves or straw just before the ground begins to freeze. A 1-foot-deep mulch should protect the crops and keep the ground from freezing in Zone 5. Adjust for your conditions. Use netting to hold the mulch down or put in plastic bags for easy clean up in Spring.

Beets,carrots and parsnips may keep up to March or April. Parsnips do particularly well stored in the ground.Turnips will keep until late winter.

Let us know if this has worked for you. Send your tips via the comment section or our Facebook page. 

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