Friday, July 11, 2014

FRUIT FLY BULLETIN #10 Developments

There have been some developments in the two days since I sent Bulletin #9.  Some identification is coming in.  Update as follows:

1.  From the entomologist, Tracy, who is with BC Ministry of Agriculture in Abbotsford:

Tracy has replied about the specimens I mailed to her:
(a) Re the cherry specimens from garden on Michigan Avenue in vicinity of Fire Hall: oviposition scars, egg filaments, and drosophila larvae, indicating the presence of SWD in fruit.

(b) Re specimens of cherries and larvae from Brunswick Avenue in the vicinity of VIU: 
    - cherries:   oviposition scars, egg filaments, and drosophila larvae, indicating the presence of SWD in fruit.
4-5 larvae from these cherries:  these look like small cherry fruit fly larvae.  

2.  The bee inspector, Caroline, is helping me and given me the use of her microscope.  On Wednesday we examined larvae from cherries from
Brunswick Avenue, and identified SWD larvae as being present.

3.  SWD are breeding up daily now.  They will be getting into raspberries, blueberries and other berries.  I have not found any SWD in my raspberries yet.  I am keeping up daily picking and promptly storing the fruit in a cool place.

4.  SWD activity has really increased this week.  We are continuing to try to find more evidence of the presence of CFF.  My hypothesis: that some cherry trees have been attacked by CFF and also SWD; Tracy says this is possible, and the Brunswick Avenue results may suggest that.

5.  The Gleaners have picked some cherry trees that seemed to be clean - on the outskirts of Wildwood and at Mowatt Bay.  That's good news.

6.  Perhaps of interest: Quite a few people have told me that they have a very light cherry crop this year.  Disappointing - but it will make it easier to get the tree picked clean!

7.  Below is an outstanding photograph of an SWD fly (male) taken yesterday by Marc and Mardi  also on Brunswick Avenue.  Thank you, Marc and Mardi.  
SWD caught in vinegar trap            
SWD actual size

cherry fruit fly


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