Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fruit Fly-Neglected Trees

From Margaret:
 Cherry Blossoms
May is coming when the fruit flies will start getting active.  Here's a hint:
Very soon you will see the white blossoms of cherry (fruit) trees all around town, and into the hills.  Take a minute to look around and note where wild and neglected cherry trees are growing - just so we know where they are.  Blossom time is the best time to identify them.  That may be useful information for the future.

Rainier blossom

From WikiHow: The trunk of an ordinary cherry tree is stiff and grayish brown. A cherry’s trunk is never green or flexible, and its bark tends to be reddish brown with horizontal stripes that turn gray as the trees grow older.
There are 5 petals on each flower. When a cherry tree is in full bloom, you usually can’t see anything but the blossoms. Notice the bark of the tree. It will be smooth and purplish-brown. The bark on old cherry trees is a very dark purplish-brown.

Cherry tree leaves are partly shiny green on top with a very fine downy texture on the underside.

60 yr old tree

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