Friday, February 28, 2014

Have You Petted Your Micro Greens Today?

Did you know micro greens like to be petted? This was just one of the great tips we got from Heather and Cathy during their talk on Tuesday evening.

Running your hand over them strengthens them and helps them grow into vigorous and healthy plants. You could also put a gentle fan on them but not nearly as much fun. These shoots have 20-50 times the nutrients of the mature plant and only take two to three weeks to grow. Sounds like an excellent way to eat well during the winter months.

Two and three week blends are available at Mother Nature, 7050 Duncan Street.

Three Week Microgreen Blend
three week blend
Useful book available at West Coast Seeds
The evening finished with a tasting session including a strawberry/orange, micro green mixture-delicious.
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