Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Garden Tip of 2013!

Powell River Garden Club member, Claudia, has passed on our first garden tip of 2013!  She suggests recycling your old mini blinds by cutting them up into 6" plant markers. Cut one end to a point and then write the plant name on the tag. You can also cut them up into 3” rectangular markers and then put a hole in one end with a hole punch and tie them to a branch. Use a soft HB Pencil or a China Marker. Do not use a permanent felt pen as the sun just fades the ink and then you can't read what you've written by the end of the summer. This is an ideal winter project as you won't have time in the summer to patiently cut all these blinds up.

If you are interested in other repurposing ideas, just click on the following links.  

1.  The Micro Gardener  
2.  Junk Mail Gems   (doesn't everyone have a worn out pair of these?)
3.  Ideas from Tumblr  (wow...lots of ideas here!)

Fun ideas to pass the wintry days with.....sigh.

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