Monday, October 8, 2012

Odocoileus virginianus...

The White-Tail Deer (or commonly known as "Pest" here in Powell River) is the most common of  North America’s large mammals and is the most widely distributed.   The deer can be active at any time, but is typically nocturnal (active at night).  Its diet consists mostly of green plants, nuts, and in the winter, wood vegetation.  And this is where the problem starts. 

Whether growing ornamentals or food, Powell River's gardeners/farmers historically debate what deer deterrents work.  At our recent Fall Fair, hosted by Powell River Farmers Institute, ears perked up when Scott Huff insisted he had a 'sure-fire' recipe to keep deer away from plants.  After being contacted, Mr. Huff kindly offered to share his recipe with our garden club!

Scott Huff's Deer Deterrent Recipe

Put one egg yolk (not the white part) and one litre of water into a blender and mix.  Add one tablespoon of baking soda to mixture and blend again. Put in spray bottle and spray whatever you do not want the deer to eat. Repeat every two weeks.
(This is not supposed to wash off in the rain but we repeat after a heavy rain.
Keep an extra supply in a sealed container in the fridge until next time.)

Another deer deterrent?  
Deer visiting Northampton Courthouse,
posted by Bernie O'Hare 

Did you know?

The white-tailed deer can make vertical leaps of over two and a half metres and horizontal leaps of nine metres — that’s almost as long as a school bus (Source: Canadian Geographic)

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