Friday, March 9, 2012

Gardener's Spring Planting Calendar Friday, March 9th

Offered with compliments of Master Gardeners Association of BC

March 9th
4 to 5 Weeks Before Last Frost

*     Sow
  • Veggies:  main tomato crop, more lettuces, and oriental greens, beets.  Pot up your tomatoes, planting them deep.  The buried stalks will grow roots and they develop a good root system early.
  • Flowers:  snapdragons, hollyhocks, wall flowers, and small-seeded annuals like marigolds, nasturtiums, lavatera and others suitable for hanging baskets. 
  • Thin your crowded flats, keeping only the strongest plants.  Keeping weak plants only robs the stronger of food and light.  If your crop in smaller than you had hoped, sow again for a late-season harvest. 
*     Direct seed mesclun (arugula, corn salad, cress, etc.), transplant kale and collards, more radish (under cover).  If you plant parsnips or other late root crops, try interspersing them among the radish so you get the fast crop and save space while keeping the top soil loose, while these slow germinating roots get going. 

Nasturtium tower

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