Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ten Benefits of Raised Beds

Below is a short excerpt from the book, "Homegrown Harvest:  A Season-by-Season Guide to a Sustainable Kitchen Garden," found in amongst the gardening books at our wonderful Powell River Public Library

Ten Benefits of Raised Beds
  • Raised beds allow easy access and require less bending
  • Soil in Raised beds warms up more quickly in spring
  • You can plant closer and get higher yields
  • Well-constructed raised beds provide ample growing depth and excellent drainage
  • You can import new soil that is most appropriate to your crop
  • One raised bed is less daunting than a large vegetable garden and may be the best way to begin
  • Raised beds can be made in any shape, and from any material to match the style of your garden
  • Row covers, netting, and plant supports are easy to manage in a raised bed
  • Well-maintained raised beds provide an attractive landscape feature
  • Paths around raised beds allow the soil within the bed to remain uncompressed by treading, thereby protecting its structure
Some interesting examples of raised beds: 

    complete wooden raised bed garden

    long raised wooden beds

    simple wooden raised bed

    purchased pvc square bed
    (available in circular shapes as well)

    reusing vehicle tires
    You are only limited by your imagination. 

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