Saturday, May 7, 2011

Powell River Garden Club 2011 Plant Sale

Where you there?  Hopefully you didn't miss the 2011 PRGC Plant Sale!  What fun! 

First, a big thank you goes out to the community of Powell River...always so supportive!  So many eager gardeners (and non-gardeners) left the Curling Club with big smiles on their faces and plants in their arms.  Even CJMP 'jumped in' and kindly provided us with public service announcements (with only 1 week's notice too) detailing our plant sale. 

Second, to the wonderful members of our Club, who volunteered their precious time and energy producing plants, controlling traffic, making posters and signs, counting sticks, and so on and so on.  It is amazing all the work that goes into hosting a wildly successful plant sale each year.  Just to mention a few of the 'gazillions' that helped:  Diane Lackey, Joyce Bredo, Marcie Mehaffey, Marg Burnett, Carol Hearder, Christine Hoffert, Margaret Thistle, Liane Arnstein, and Roselyn Boarman (Past Plant Sale Director).  And a big hooray goes to this year's Director of the Plant Sale, Laura Johnson!!!  Great job everyone!

Third, to our vendors (please see list below)...thank you for being our utterly amazing vendors.  Your love of all things related to plants shows...healthy hostas, bamboos, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, etc. right on through to the lovely baskets, glass bird feeders, awesome picture frames, and even pink cows and purple snails. 

Our vendors...Lin Morrison, Claudia Cote, Wendy Devlin, Julia Hayes, Joan Kempf, Lexi Harris, Diana Wood, Denise Hayes, Ellen De Casmaker, Heather Farrell-Sketchley, and Joanie Winegarden....please take a bow for a job well done!

See you all next year!

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